2017 Taiwan International Labor Film Festival - 2017台灣國際勞工影展

2017年9月18日 星期一

2017 Taiwan International Labor Film Festival

2017 Taiwan International Labor Film Festival (TILFF)

Acting for life-The overwork generation under industrial changes

Milan Kundera once said that “Insofar as it is possible to divide people into categories, the surest criterion is the deep-seated desires that orient them to one or another lifelong activity. Every Frenchman is different. But all the actors the world over are similar.” We spend most of our lives at work. The works we do are closely interweave into our lives. If every one of us is an actor, that we act for our life, and the working conditions are the plots, scenes, and costumes, we are acting as a professional of a certain occupation and performing our life on the stage. The contribution of labor is the key to society. How would we interpret the hard work and contribution of these workers/actors from different occupations and their struggle of feeding their family members and survive?

2017 Taiwan International Labor Film Festival (TILFF) “Acting for life-The overwork generation under industrial changes” selected 12 domestic films and 11 foreign films from Japan, United States, France, Canada, Germany, Italy and the Philippines. The main purpose is to discuss the overtime work. Karoshi (death from overwork), precarious work and occupational diseases. The selected films including union struggles, workers uprising, international supply chains and workers speak outs. Through the story-telling of images and relative speeches, we hope that we can voice for the disadvantaged workers.

2017 TILFF has 5 sub-themes:

Actors in Life, on the Scene and Behind the Scene

What are the glory and bitterness of the actors in life? The films discover the unseen stories behind the scene of several occupations.

The Dialogue of Overwork Generations

No more disposable workers! The Dialogue of Overwork Generations is the dialogue between Taiwan, Japan and the Philippines over work situations.

The International Play of Life

Under the globalization and neo-liberalism, the global supply chain is dissolving our life. How can we survive under such situation?

The Past and Present of the Disadvantaged Labors

The spotlight is focusing on the labor-intensive fishing and farming industry. From domestic workers to foreign migrant workers, how has the industry changed and how can workers survive?

Struggle for the Voice
Union plays an important role in workers struggles. From fighting for the increase of minimum wage to the collective bargaining and direct actions, workers are strive to voice for themselves.