A Living Wage - 2017台灣國際勞工影展

2017年9月19日 星期二

A Living Wage

USA / 2015 / BD / Colour / 18min


Dan Albright is an award winning documentary filmmaker and freelance video professional based in Boston. He is an alum of Emerson College and Denver Film Society's Young Filmmakers Workshop. His 2016 documentary on the Fight for 15 movement in Massachusetts, A Living Wage, was shortlisted for the BAFTA US Student Film Award and shown at dozens of film festivals internationally as well as local schools, churches and community groups. Dan's web-native and social media video projects have attracted viral viewership organically – shared by thousands of individuals and organizations such as the Climate Disobedience Center, openDemocracy, the Movement Strategy Center and Shaun King's Injustice Boycott. 


McDonald’s employee Darius Cephas and Dunkin’ Donuts barista Tiny Figueroa fight for a $15 an hour wage and union rights on the front lines in Boston. Over the course of 2015, A LIVING WAGE follows Darius and Tiny as they help build the Fight for $15 in Massachusetts into a forceful grassroots social movement.