Ditching the Fear(Oringinal title:Buttando via la paura) - 2017台灣國際勞工影展

2017年9月19日 星期二

Ditching the Fear(Oringinal title:Buttando via la paura)

Germany / 2015 / BD / Colour / 81min

Johanna SCHELLHAGEN/labournet.tv

Johanna was born in 1971 in Italy, Filmmaker since 2000, first for kanalB.org, since 2011 for labournet.tv

labournet.tv is an internet platform for films about struggles from the workers' movement. We document these struggles with the camera. - We need our own images - in order not to become an mere appendage of the dominant images and ideas, to develop our own social imagination and to spread the news of struggles and successes. For this reason, the protagonists themselves have their say in our films. The films document important experiences and lessons learned. One of them is: We have a lot of power when we organize together. And we flourish when we leave isolation behind us.


Since 2008 in northern Italy, unusual things have been happening. Companies, the political class and the media are using the onset of the crisis to further undermine workers' rights, which have been, up until now, crushed. On the other side, a lively and strong resistance has been forming at the bottom end of the wage scale.

Of all people, it is the precarious and largely migrant workers in the logistics sector who have, through solidarity and effective organizing, been successful in overcoming their isolation and degrading working conditions. A struggle that hasn't just changed their working conditions but has changed their whole lives.