Girl of Burden - 2017台灣國際勞工影展

2017年9月18日 星期一

Girl of Burden

Taiwan / 2016 / DVD / Colour / 58min

Mulas Ismahasan

Mulas Ismahasan belongs to the Bunun tribe from Kaohsiung Taoyuan area. She left her tribe to seek for better education opportunities. Han culture is embedded with competition philosophy. Therefore, she uses documentary as a media to reveal the situation of the disadvantaged and also as a tool to reflect on oneself.

CHANG Su Cheng

CHANG Su Cheng graduated from Graduate Institute for Social Transformation Studies of Shih-Hsin University. He was once Chief of a Village in Taipei city. He has been filming documentaries for 8 years.


“Farmers cannot afford any sickness. Any sickness can collapse the whole family.” This is a story about a farming family in China try to fight against poverty. The narrator is a female worker born in 1990s. She talked about her dream and her complaints about her current stands. The compare and contrast of her words and deeds points out the dilemma of a migrant worker in China.