In Search of MRT Divers - 2017台灣國際勞工影展

2017年9月19日 星期二

In Search of MRT Divers

Taiwan / 2016 / BD / Colour / 52min

KUO Ming-chu

KUO Ming-chu was born in Shezidao, Taipei. She started to work in trade unions since 1990 she graduated from university. She is an activist for more than 25 years. She began involved in documentaries since 2005. Her works include various social issues in Taiwan such as “Asiaworld Strike 90 Hours”, “Teletubbies in Taipei:Workers Against Privatisation”, and “The Trail of Women's Tears”. The visual documentary of workers is her way of social movement and dialogue.


Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system is necessary for urban life. Monuments sit right in Taipower Building station and Jiangzicui station, reveal the dark side of MRT construction. More than 40 workers suffer from decompression sickness during the construction. This is the very first case that groups of workers suffer from occupational diseases. 

20 years ago, the company didn't notice workers about the risk of decompression. The workers thought it was simply the discomfort from overwork. When the construction work was finished, they found out they became the patient of decompression sickness. Year 1996 to 1999, these workers fight for compensation. But most workers still have to face the influence of decompression sickness for entire life. The film is an interview of these workers on how they live with the sickness.