Kontrata - 2017台灣國際勞工影展

2017年9月19日 星期二


Philippines / 2017 / BD / Colour / 8min

Myan LORDIANE/Mayday Multimedia Collective

Lordiane studied film and fine arts at the University of the Philippines but had no plans of pursuing filmmaking. Starting out as a writer and researcher in the labor sector, she went on to develop her skills in photography, graphic design and production design. Moved by the courage of striking workers, she ventured to shoot, edit and direct videos to better capture their struggles.

Mayday Multimedia Collective
Mayday is an independent multimedia collective committed to the struggle for labor rights. Founded in 2004 as the video production unit of the Ecumenical Institute for Labor Education and Research (EILER, Inc.), Mayday has established itself as a separate entity since 2008. Since then, we have worked with people’s organizations and trade unions to produce audio-visual works that give an accurate and compelling picture of the condition and struggles of Filipino workers. 


In a country where poor people are continuously told that the key to success is simple hard work and perseverance, the reality is that most Filipino workers are forced to endure the seemingly never-ending cycle of contractual employment no matter how much they persevere each day.

“Kontrata” is a creative attempt to arouse our sensibilities regarding contractual labor. Narrated as a love story full of betrayal, pain and struggle, this short film allows us a glimpse of the all too familiar plight of a Filipino contractual worker, represented by a saleslady in the largest mall chain in the Philippines that is notorious for contractualization. It seems that despite striving to give one’s all to a relationship that proves abusive, it will never be enough.