Landscaping - 2017台灣國際勞工影展

2017年9月18日 星期一


Taiwan / 2016 / DCP / Colour / 61min

LEE Li-Shao

LEE Li-Shao began to film documentaries since 1999. He has more than 20 long and short films and has frequent appearances in Golden Harvest Awards for Outstanding Short Films, Local Voice Film Festival, Taipei Film Festival, and Taiwan International Documentary Film Festival. He also received award by Golden Horse Film Festival, Golden Bell Awards, International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, and Festival dei Popoli.
He spent 7 years to finish the “Burma guerrilla-force trilogy”. The first part “Young Style” depicts the conflict between patriotism and history fact. His work focuses on the struggle of the underpriviledged and the conflicts in our society.


The population in Taiwan is about 23 million. However, there are more than ten thousand convenient stores and 7500 real estates companies in Taiwan. Everyday there are all kinds of construction going on in the city while most people heavily rely on these high-rise buildings to survive. Workers work hard but still cannot afford to buy a unit while real estate sales workers continue to bluff them into pink bubbles.

Under the economic recession, how will people survive? The story begins with a couple. The wife is a painter and the husband is a real estate sales worker.