Pay Your Interns! - 2017台灣國際勞工影展

2017年9月19日 星期二

Pay Your Interns!

Canada / 2016 / BD / Colour / 45min

Cynthia H. PANDEV

Cowgirls were the roughest and toughest groups of women in history; they were the first women to wear pants: Yeehaw!

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Cynthia Helen Pandev has worked in post production as a professional editor for over 20 years. Her clients include Molson Canadian, Volkswagen Passat, Uniglobe Travel, Melitta Coffee, Quaker Oats, Turtles Chocolates, Tim Hortons, Kleenex, Kodak Film, BF Goodrich Tires, Coppertone Sunscreen, the Ontario Lottery Corporation, the International Olympic Committee, and the Ontario Government - to name a few.

Cynthia has edited numerous television documentaries and films, which have aired on major networks including CBC Newsworld, Discovery USA and the National Geographic Channel and she was one of the first foreign editors to work in Bulgaria on a feature film co-production between Nu Boyana Film Studios, Great Britain, and Canada.

Cynthia counts working with Emmy award winning producer/director, Ann Petrie, as one of her career highlights. Ann and Cynthia worked together to edit a provocative six-part series for CBC and A&E ("Bly and Woodman: On Men and Women") hosted by the opinionated and best-selling authors, Robert Bly and Marion Woodman. 

Cynthia's cut of the feature doc, "David Murray: “A Sculptor with Sound", was awarded a Gold plaque at the Chicago International Film Festival. The film also screened and was profiled at the JVC Jazz Festival in Toronto, Canada. Cynthia edited a "Thelma & Louise" tribute montage, which was presented at Roy Thomson Hall to a sold out crowd as part of the film’s 20th anniversary celebration.

As a producer/videographer, Cynthia has shot and edited promotional videos for TIFF, The Next Program, CAA/Teens and LabourStart.

Pay Your Interns! is Cynthia’s long format directorial debut. She also produced, shot and edited the documentary which she hopes will inspire and encourage young workers to speak out against free labour in the form of unpaid internships.

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Money is not the root of all evil Illegal Unpaid Internships are!

In Canada, each year approximately 300,000 individuals (mostly female) take on unpaid work in the form of internships, but the number is likely much higher due to our government's lack of interest in tracking illegal unpaid internships, or even recognizing that they exist.

Pay Your Interns! is a brutally honest, unapologetic critique of the shady practice of Canadian employers turning a blind eye to the Employment Standards Act by “hiring” interns, who are expected to perform the work of a “paid” employee, for free!

What is an intern? What is the difference between a legal/illegal internship? Is a volunteer an intern? Is an intern an unpaid employee? What is our government doing to protect young professionals from unscrupulous employers looking for free labour? What can an intern do to protect their workplace rights? Pay Your Interns! answers these questions & many more.

The film delivers information and communicates ideas in a visually cheeky way by juxtaposing archival footage against interviews with advocates, brave unpaid interns, rally protesters, and people on the street, who offer their take on volunteerism, internships and paid employment.

Pay your interns! is not just informative and provocative, it's fun, too! And, the film's message is simple and clear - you guessed it - Pay Your Interns!