The Women Worker's War(Original title:ATLANTIS) - 2017台灣國際勞工影展

2017年9月19日 星期二

The Women Worker's War(Original title:ATLANTIS)

Italy / 2013 / HDCAM / Colour / 55min


Massimo Ferrari was born in Rome on 27 February 1976. In 2001, he graduated in Communication Sciences at La Sapienza University in Rome. In 2002, he started to work with CINECITTA' ENTERTAINMENT, a TV production company based in Cinecittà. He is the author and director of several documentaries focused on the biggest names of the Cinema of Italy. In 2013, his documentary ATLANTIS (The Women Workers' War) won the Best Documentary Prize at Workers Unite Film Festival in New York, the Special Jury Prize at the Documentary Fest “Hai Visto mai?” ( “Just in case”) in Cortona, the First prize “Focus on Work 2014” in Rome and was the “Gold Winner” at the Los Angeles International Independent Film Awards. In 2016 he directed the documentary DoveVannoLeNuvole (Where the clouds Go).


This documentary describes true and moving stories that are capable of bringing important aspects of our time to light. Stories where the main players are men and women and their relationship with their work. We start with the story of two women; we could say that both are very special women in their own field, women who have acted in a personal and virtuous way during the economic and moral crisis that we are experiencing.

The first is Rosa and she is a factory worker at “Tacconi Sud” in Latina. She lead 28 of her colleagues in an active and civil resistance; occupying the factory after receiving letters of redundancy. Rosa kept a diary of this occupation on Facebook, a diary that is rich in reflections and thoughts, and has been invited onto a number of Italian TV shows to talk about her experiences. The other special woman is Margherita, businesswoman and owner of the biscuit factory Dogliani of Carrara, who decided to use a different entrepreneurial model based on a civil relationship with employees who have the possibility of participating in cultural workshops and festival. This festival involves actors, philosophers and writers who discuss a different theme for six years, the most recent was that of “wishes”.