The Workers of Taiwan: The Sweating Image - 2017台灣國際勞工影展

2017年9月23日 星期六

The Workers of Taiwan: The Sweating Image

Taiwan / 2002 / DVD / Colour / 56min

CHEN Rong-XianREVISION COMPANYProgramme & Production Consultant CHANG Chao-Tang

CHEN Rong-Xians is previously the member of REVISION COMPANY. He was the director of numerous stage plays and TV drama. The works he directs or produces including Fight for Living(對抗生命), The Confession of Live(生命.告白), Scanning Taiwan , and Face of The Century.

The Workers of Taiwan: The Sweating Image is one of the series of Scanning Taiwan. It is a programme establish by 遠流出版社 and PTS and produce by REVISION COMPANY. The programme includes 8 series: female, farmers, medical treatments, transportations, children, soldiers, workers, culture. CHANG Chao-Tang is the Programme & Production Consultant and the film is direct by CHEN Rong-Xian.

REVISION was established in 1999. The previous works (2007-2011) including Face of The Century, The Cultural Face Of Taiwan, Scanning Taiwan, Cloud GateThree Decades of Dance, and The Chronicle of National Theater and Concert Hall.


There is a group of mining workers work hard in the mountain area in Hualien since 1964. At Sanxia, New Taipei City, there is also a group of mining workers digging coals since 1951.The risks, sweat and efforts of these workers are unseen by the people in the city. The voice of workers are unheard. This film documentaries the voice of these unseen workers in Taiwan so that the audience can reflect on the history , the story of the workers, and the change of our society.