Traceable - 2017台灣國際勞工影展

2017年9月19日 星期二


Canada / 2014 / HDCAM / Colour / 44min

Jennifer SHARPE

Hailing from the indie film scene in Vancouver, BC, Jennifer Sharpe is a New York based filmmaker interested in tracing the origins of everyday products to their source by giving a voice to the people who are often hidden within processes of manufacturing and production. By creating visual narratives, which connect seemingly remote parts of the world, she hopes to explore our shared human experiences and shed light on issues of social justice.

Her tenure at Parsons, The New School for Design where she received her MFA in Design and Technology, served as a springboard for her upcoming documentary Traceable, a film which connects the audience to the people and communities involved in crafting and producing a garment. Apart from Traceable, Jennifer is currently in the early stages of developing two docudrama series for web and television. When she is not behind the camera, Jennifer can be found in her natural habitat, at the beach.


Traceable is set against the backdrop of the fast-fashion industry and our increasing disconnect of where and how clothing is made, and the hands that create a garment. Interviews with traceability experts, intercut with emerging designer Laura Siegel’s journey across India to produce her collection, the film explores our connection to the communities impacted by the products we consume. Traceable tells the story of Laura’s efforts to shift the perspectives of consumers, while confronting the realities and risks of being a young designer in a highly competitive industry. How will the market perceive and react to an idealistic designer whose aim is to connect the consumer to the hand that crafted her garments? Is positioning her collection in the sustainable domain enough to perpetuate her career long-term?